David Hendrickson
City Hall
(Corner of 5th & Meridian)

David Hendrickson,  A.K.A "Hotbrush" I got that nickname over 35 years ago during my apprenticeship in sign business down in Englewood Fl.

I moved my talents and my business to Dade City July 4th 2011. Never looked back! Love it here. People are great and land still has trees on it lol. Hand shake means something here still. My love of this area and it's people was the inspiration to my art.. embracing the rightful statement "Proud Heritage, Promising Future" and bringing it to life in a huge way with my talents of hand painted lettering and pinstriping along with touch of airbrush art. Showing the kumquat bloom as Promising Future and full ripe kumquat as Proud Heritage. Thank you all for support I've been given since me and my sons have made our life's here. Please visit my FB business page and see more of my work. Thank you!
Dave "HotBrush" Hendrickson