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It's Fall Y'all!

The First Annual Hay Bale Public Art Project initiated by the Dade City Center for the Arts, Fall 2020.


HUGE THANKS to our sponsors

Hancock Farm & Seed Co. for generously donating the giant rolls of hay AND delivering them, including placing them at the various locations throughout town.


Local artists painted Fall themes on the hay bales. They were on display through Thanksgiving.

Locations were: Hibiscus Park, Hardy Trail entrance at Church St, Price Park, Agnes Lamb Park, Naomi Jones Park, and Watson Park.

Located at Hibiscus Park
Painted by Diego Grant,
Senior at Pasco High.
Located at Hardy Trail, Church Street
Painted by Kevin Taggerty, ret Air Force Master Sgt and his daughter Ryah, 1st grade teacher at Lacoochee Elementary.
Located at Watson Park
Painted by Russ Taylor.
Located at Price Park
Painted by Morgan Turgeon and Ethan Wiley,
students at Pasco High.
Located at Naomi Jones Park. Painted by Casandra Moua & Kevin Taggerty
Located at Agnes Lamb Park
Painted by Patty Reese & daughters,
Cassidy, Delaney and Alissa Ross
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